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Operatical were created by two classical singers,soprano Nadina Tziatziou and tenor Thanos Zisis,with the intention to make the operatic singing style more familiar to all audiences.

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Operatical's philosophy is to create an authentic music style based on new compositions,with lyrics written in many different languages,interpreting different music cultures and styles in a unique and modern theatrical way.

In 2016 they released their first song titled ‘La verita'(‘The truth’ in Italian language).

Their second song was released in 2020 under the title ‘L’amour’(‘Love' in  French language).

Their next song,which has been recently released,is called ‘Margaritati tou vythou’(‘Seabed’s pearl’ in Greek language), followed by their latest single called 'Pasión' ( 'Passion' in Spanish language ).

All music and orchestrations are created by Nadina Tziatziou.She is also responsible for the group’s sartorial style and stylistic selections which are considered a very important part of Operatical’s music interpretation.

Lyrics,in many different languages,are written by Thanos Zisis.

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